We the People of the DuPage Tea Party Believe In and Support:

  • The Constitution of the United States of America
  • The Unalienable Rights in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence
  • Liberty and Freedom – Individual, Economic, Market
  • Small and Limited Government as Envisioned by America’s Founders
  • Individuals, Not Government, Making the Decisions that Affect People’s Lives
  • Leaders and Candidates Who Support These Principles
  • Engaging with Candidates, Elections and the Political Process

We the People have a Call to Action:

Our Founders risked their lives to advance their principles and create this great nation.

As the beneficiaries of their courage and wisdom, We the People have a responsibility to honor, defend and conserve their principles.

As voters and taxpayers, We the People must commit to the following:

  • Inform Ourselves – We must understand the challenges faced by our nation and how our principles can lead to productive solutions.
  • Inform Others – We must commit to sharing our knowledge with our fellow citizens.
  • Donate – We must devote our time, money, or both to advance our principles.
  • Vote – We must elect candidates who act in accordance with our principles and encourage our fellow citizens to do the same.