Common Core


John Porter;

April 19, 2013


Americans Everywhere;



In all the history of man, every free nation which has been taken over by someone with a desire to be an absolute ruler or a group with that same evil desire being led by some individual at the helm, there have always been two things which MUST, and did, happen.


(1) Gain control, up front, of the vast majority of the public news media outlets, thus controlling the minds and thinking of the adults, effectively dismantling most current opposition.

(2) Start forming the minds and thinking of all school children, thus molding the thinking and gaining control of the coming generations, or the dismantling of individual thinking and initiative. The most glaring examples are Russia, Germany, China, and North Korea among others.


We all have been witness to the implementation of Number 1 over the past few years. The implementation of number 2 has now begun, and almost completed. It is called Common Core State Standards in our American education system.


A great many people think that whatever they, and the people they like, happen to know, everybody else should be REQUIRED to know.


In education, what it’s been assumed that everybody should be required to know is called “the core.” The responsibility for teaching the core has always been divvied up between teachers of math, language arts, social studies, and science. The teachers all being directed by local school boards elected by the citizens of that local community.


Socialistic, big government motivated interests, argued that the core was being sloppily taught, and organized a behind the scenes campaign to “super-standardize” it. Their work has been given the name, COMMON CORE “STATE” STANDARDS to hide the fact that it is driven by policymakers in Washington D. C. Thus far it has been shoved into every state except Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia.


This was done without sufficient public dialogue or feedback from experienced public educators, no research, no pilot or experimental programs… evidence at all that such a thing created by unnamed people attempting to standardize what’s taught is a good idea. It is in fact, a very bad idea. It gives a group in Washington the power to mold the mind and thinking of our children.


The word “standards” gets an approving nod from the public (and a lot of educators) because it means “performance that meets a standard.” However, I submit to you, it also means “like everybody else,” and standardizing of minds is what the Common Core State Standards try to do. Those who support the Standards will try to sell the first meaning, while the Standards actually deliver the second meaning. It is very cunning, don’t you think?


The government forming Standardized minds is straying as far from a Constitutional Republic’s values as it is possible to stray. The foundation of the United States of America is individual thinking and initiative.

There a groups forming in many states to petition their legislatures for repeal of this terrible injustice to freedom. Also Iowa Senator, Chuck Grassley, is trying to stop funding in Washington in an effort to kill it. Your support is needed where ever you can lend it. I urge you to get involved in your state. If you don’t live in one of the aforementioned states it has already happened to you and you probably didn’t even know it.

May God bless America.

Please forward this to all you can.


Until next time:

Your friend in freedom;

John Porter

118 Approach Drive

Harrison, Arkansas 72601



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